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Using classified data in the form of software companies, categorizing areas of activity and system software and listing municipalities across the country, Simply search for and combine different types of filters, companies or software or municipalities you want.

One of the major concerns of users of products and services in most areas is the credibility of the organization providing those products and services. The credibility of the organization is remarkable in many respects, part of which depends on the performance and background of the organization and part of which depends on the field in which it operates. The field of information and communication technology is one of the fields that, in addition to having its own specialized ministry, has a large trade union organization called Computer Trade Union Organization, which in line with the efforts of organizations and companies, in order to provide this field in various aspects.

Municipalities are one of the most important organizations for software producers. Due to the significant dispersion of the organization in the country and At the same time, having different sizes due to the scale of cities has a very significant diversity, and on the other hand, it is a kind of self-governing institution that is one of the subdivisions. It is the Ministry of the Interior and operates under the control and ownership of the government.

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The classification of companies' activities is based on the areas of systemic activity with the aim of transparency of the target market, and this classification is given to users, new companies, and researchers. And all relevant individuals and organizations make it possible to accurately categorize product and service providers in that area based on this type of category. Identify. Also, the scope of specialized activity of each company is specified more clearly, and customers can meet their needs without wasting time with the appropriate company.